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Rocksmith Usb Guitar Adapter

This ubisoft herculesusb guitar adapter cable is perfect foradapter when other methods are not working. This is a high-quality cable with cursing and other swear words in the name of gaming and mediaevalry. It is perfect for the gaming and mediaevalry enthusiast. This is a verified store from ubisoft.

Rocksmith Adapter

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Rocksmith Pc Adapter

This is a usb guitar adapter that is used to connect a rock guitar to a computer. It includes a cable and a booklet with how to's and examples. this ubisoft rocksmith usb guitar adapter is designed to help make your playstation 4, xbox one, or pc music system hear your voice! By using this adapter, you can enjoy ubisoft's popular hero javascript action video game series with your friends and family. this ubisoft rocksmith usb guitar adapter cable will allow you to connect your ubisoft games to your usb guitar to enjoy the experience on your device. This cable is made from brand-new, high-quality materials and will provide you with the necessary power to enjoy the gameplay of your ubisoft games. this ubisoft hercules rocksmith usb guitar adapter is a must-have for any ubisoft trooper looking to miking and sound like the professionals they are. This adapter doesn't require a break away usb and can be used with regular audio devices, like a microphone, to give you an even more professional sound.