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Cat 0 To Cat 1 Adapter

This product is a rj45 splitter adapter that connects to two female ports in a cat 5 6 7 network. It allows users to laughner connect two different types of devices, such as phones and tablets to their favourite network.

Cat 0 To Cat 1 Adapter Walmart

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Cat 0 To Cat 1 Adapter Ebay

This is a 1 meter to 50 meter cat 6 network cable. It is rj45 gigabit adaptersguide. Biz lan cable and is pack with utp patch lead and wholesale. this adapter is a rj45 splitter adapter that lets you connect two other devices to your cat's network. The adapter has two female ports, so you can connect up to two devices to your cat's network at a time. The adapter also has a built-in network card to keep your cat connected to the world around them. this adapters is for usb extension cable for rj45 typeconnections. It is also called a cat5e adaptersguide. Biz adapter. It is for use with the usb type extension cable for the more common cat5 over the air network. This adapter will allow you to use more than one cable with your usb type extension cable. this is a top notch cat0adapter that enables you to extend the cable life of your network up to 164ft. The cat0adapter includes an extra hdmi port for adding more devices and applications to your computer monitor while you're in the same place at the same time. The cat0adapter also includes a built in rj45 network cable extender for connecting other networking devices to your network and provides 164ft of cable life.