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Adc To Dvi Adapter

This apple a1006 power adapter is a great choice for those who need power from a dvi-based monitor. It has a 3-pin plug and is compatible with most monitors. The power button and input joules are ages 10 or older.

Adc Adapter

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Apple Display Connector Adapter

This adapter allows you to use your apple device's dvi port with other brands and devices. It weighs only 5 ounces and is made of sturdy plastic. The cable is long and meets international standard 5k. It is ready to use with a single-sided adhesive band. The adapter also includes a carrying case. the apple a1006 dvi to adc adapter lets you easily connect a variety of digital cameras to your macintosh computer with a native resolution of 1, 000, 000 or greater images per second. With a single-end connection, you can also connect multiple dvi-based cameras to a single computer. The adapter also includes a built-in microphone and speaker for sound quality. this apple a1006 power adapter is for the cinema monitor series of televisions. It allows you to connect a dvi-compliant monitor to your apple laptop or computer, and use that monitor as a source for displaying photos and videos. The adapter also includes a built-in tv receptionizer to let you streams your local tv programming from an other devices like a tv with an usb input, or an app that takes advantage of the a1006's native airplay 2 support. genuine apple dvi to adc adapter allows you to connect a digital camera to a computer using an electrical interface. The adapter offers fast and easy access to the data that is captures from your camera through a single interface.